Senior Pastor

Position is full-time.

  • 5 + years experience as a lead or associate pastor
  • 1+ years experience providing vision and motivation by leading a full-time ministry staff
  • Consistent beliefs with the Bible and Church’s “What We Believe” statement
  • Past success in ministry leading a congregation
  • A servant leader with a team mentality that includes membership, volunteers, and staff
  • Bible college degree or equivalent
  • The ability to cast a vision and follow God’s direction to impact the church, local communities, and through our missions – the world for Christ


The Senior Pastor reports to the church Deacon board of Orchardville Church.  The Senior Pastor will oversee the administration and management of all areas of the church in consultation with the Deacon Board, Staff and Finance Team.  The Senior Pastor will maintain positive relationships with the community organizations, community leaders, church staff and other church leaders.  They will assist and support all of the church ministries and ministers and build a team approach to ministry. 


  • Regularly preach and teach the Word of God
  • Help plan the overall activities of the church including preaching, discipleship, small groups, worship and special activities and services.
  • Officiate special services-weddings, funerals, and dedications.
  • Mentor ministers on staff and provide encouragement, leadership and direction.
  • Oversee the Sunday school programs and encourage the volunteer leadership in new classes and direction.
  • Equip, encourage and direct the membership and attenders to walk with and follow Christ.
  • Reach, teach and serve the membership of OC from the youngest to oldest.

Applications may be picked up at the welcome desk or resumes may be sent to Orchardville Church, 236 County Road 1715 N, Xenia, IL  62899.


    Position is part-time. 

    Job Description:

    • Keep accurate records of member contributions and prepare year-end summaries for each member for tax and individual review purposes.
    • Prepare weekly payroll checks and related tax records/payments.
    • Prepare checks for monthly church expenses and obligations.
    • Prepare checks for contributions to missions work and other special endeavors.
    • Reconcile and balance checking accounts.
    • Keep accurate records of all church income through tithes, offerings, and special gifts, and compare budget estimates.
    • Keep accurate records of all church expenditures and compare to budget allowances.
    • Inform Senior Pastor and Administrator if expenditures exceed budget allowances.
    • Prepare financial reports for monthly leadership meetings, church business meetings, and for the Senior Pastor.
    • Prepare any required reports or forms for the auditor, IRS, or other offices of accountability. 
    • Be available at church business meetings to answer any questions related to church finances.
    • Attend weekly staff meetings. 
    • Other duties as required may be assigned.  

    Applications may be picked up at the welcome desk or resumes may be sent to Orchardville Church, 236 County Road 1715 N, Xenia, IL  62899.